Eye magazines

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Eye magazines

Eye magazines are unique online photographic magazines. 

Eye magazines are elegant online spaces for talented creators. If you are a model, portrait or fashion photographer, make up artist, stylist, hair stylist, fashion designer, jwellery designer, street or travel photographer, or you create amazing images, you may submit an application for the presentation of your work. Your model-s & your photography must be stunning, high quality and have a contemporary style

We want the different, the elegant, the unexpected

Eyeclick, EyeMove & Eyescream

are wonderful high quality art magazines for sharing your stunning work

It is free

Please submit your work via magazine@vartcon.com sending us your instagram accounts to see your work

Eye magazines, are on instagram

We do not publish landscape photography. We want close up photography & portrait photography

We do not publish overdose photoshop - retouching. We do not like fake things

Usually we want a human aura as protagonist. Even a hand, or a shadow

It's not only Art. It's people that driving ideas. The humans, the winners, the magic

In case we choose any images from your portfolio, we will inform you for sending us the original images via wetransfer including a little description and your name & info

We will publish them on Eyeclick, EyeMove & Eyescream 

We could accept watermarks & logos, only if they are elegant and interesting

Eye magazines 


Eye-magazines are online non profit art photographic pages

We promote art photography